Our Vision: 


Strengthening communities, public participation, and government transparency

We will promote cooperation  and open communication between the city government and it’s citizens. We will help strengthen community organizations and neighborhood committees, giving them concrete authority.  We will work for government transparency.


Excellent egalitarian education throughout the city.  From the south to the north

We will work to create academic high schools, with up to date innovative curricula, reduce class size, and promote excellence among teaching staff.


A green healthy city for all of its citizens

We will work to protect the natural treasures of Tel Aviv Yafo. We will emphasize good public transportation, better bike lanes, clean streets.  We will work to develop a vegetarian/vegan menu for all city institutions.


Fair distribution of resources, particularly in South Tel Aviv and Yafo

We will work to repair the historical wrong that has left the southern neighborhoods in  disrepair, through budgetary changes, law enforcement, repairing the school system, and building trust and understanding between the city and its southern citizens. 


Doing away with the sex industry

We will work to close the brothels and the night clubs where boys and girls and women are abused.  We will work to aid and support those at risk.

We are haReshima haTelAvivit.

We are from the center and the south, north, east, and west of the city. We are secular and  religious and everything in between.  We are young and old and everything in between. We are right and left, and everything in between. We are families and single, we are straight and queer, women and men, and everything in between!

We are the citizens of Tel Aviv-Yafo.  

We believe in excellent education for all of our children.

We believe in the development of all of the communities and neighborhoods in the city, especially those which have been neglected for many  years.

We believe in a safe, healthy and affordable city for all of its citizens. We believe in a city of equality. A city in which its citizens determine policy and are partners in decisions.  A city in which each and every one of us has a safe, decent place to live,  to work, and to create.

Who We Are

Or Sujonov

or smaller.jpg

Or Sujonov is a social and educational activist, a feminist, a leader in the struggle for Mizrahi rights and human rights, a writer and a much-in-demand lecturer. She has worked with at-risk youth, with women and men seeking to escape the sex-trade, and with LGBTQ youth. 



Or lived in New York until she was nine, and then thereafter in the HaTikvah neighborhood in south Tel Aviv. She has since lived in Yad Eliyahu, Florentine, and mid-town, and knows most every corner of the city. 


Or holds a degree in psychology from Bar Ilan. In 2015, she was cast in “Big Brother,” to which she brought passion and charisma, becoming something of a reality star, a fact from which she is still recovering.

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A Mizrahit in North Tel Aviv - Or Sujonov
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Or speaks about her experience as a Mizrahit schoolgirl:

Noah Efron

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Noah Efron teaches at Bar Ilan University, where he was the founding chairperson of the Program in Science, Technology & Society.  He has served on the Tel Aviv-Jaffa City Council and was a founder of the “Green Movement” political party.  Efron is the host of The Promised Podcast, the world’s leading podcast on Israeli politics.  He also played bass for an ill-fated band namedLiquid Plumr, and has run marathons, slowly, on three continents.  He lives in Tel Aviv with his wife, daughter, son, dog and cat. His greatest regret is that he is not Nora Ephron.

Meital Peleg Mizrahi

meital smaller.jpg

Meital Peleg Mizrahi has been a social and educational activist since she was a teenager. She founded and directed the Center for Outstanding Youth in Ramla. She brought a youth movement to that city. She worked as a community vocational coordinator in south Tel Aviv. Meital holds an MA in Public Policy and Climate Justice from Tel Aviv University. She lives in Jaffa Dalet with her husband Effi and her two year old son, Gomeh. She is a long-distant runner. She is amazing. 

Miro Tassa

meir small.jpeg

Miro Tassa grew up in the HaTikva neighborhood, where his parents and grandparents lived before him. He is a social and environmental organizer. He has been a leading force in beautifying the neighborhood, and making it more environmentally sound. His talent for mobilizing citizens to demand that the city provide fundamental services is the stuff of legend. Miro earned his degree in information systems from Northridge University in Los Angeles, where he lived for nine years. His day-job is in high-tech.  He is single, and looks like a movie-star.

Anat Livshitz


Anat Livshitz was born in Jerusalem in 1981 to immigrants from the Former Soviet Union. She learned theater in Jerusalem, and holds degrees in psychology, literature and family studies. Anat has recently returned to Tel Aviv-Jaffa after a six year sojourn in the fleshpots of New York, where she pursued her doctorate on gender and religion. She lives with her husband Idan, and Neri (4.5), Indie (1) and Nico the dog (9). She brings to her politics rare empathy, gentility and psychological acuity.

Ohad Zeltser Zubida


At 21, Ohad Zeltzer-Zubeida is the youngest candidate for Tel Aviv-Jaffa City Council in the entire history of the Jewish People. He grew up in New York until the age of nine, and since then has lived in mid-town Tel Aviv. After graduating cum laude from the Aleph High School for the Arts (where he majored in theater, and where he produced a play that he authored), Ohad worked in the army as a social media expert. He has long been a social activist, agitating for government investigation of the kidnapping of Yemeni babies in the 1950s, volunteering to work with refugee children in Gan Levinsky, and much more. He is wise beyond his years.

Eitan Shmueli

eitan small.jpeg

Eitan Shmueli lives in Jaffa, where he is a social, educational, community and political activist. His analyses of the Tel Aviv Jaffa municipal budget are eagerly followed by activists throughout the city, and have been part of countless political struggles to change city spending priorities. He is also the founder and director of the online community “The Voice of the Citizens of Jaffa” which is a major meeting place and clearinghouse for information about that often-overlooked part of the city. Shmueli brings to everything he does brilliance, intensity and passion.

Susan Warchaizer

susan2 small.jpeg

Susan Warchaizer is a Gyncologist with a clinic on Dizengoff. She was one of the founders of the Eilat Rape Crisis Center, and has been a feminist activist in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, as well. She offered a weekly free clinic for refugee and asylum seeking women in the city, who were not otherwise eligible for care. Susan was a founder of the “Green Movement,” and a Board Member of the Israel Center for Environmental Defense (Adam Teva va-Din). She is a creator and producer of the monthly WhyWhyWhy story-telling evenings and podcast. She lives in the Old North of Tel Aviv, with her partner Noah, their daughter and son, and dog Ella and cat Louisa May Alcatt. 

How Can I help?



October 30, Vote



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